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This Firefox extension lets you aggregate content from the web to the Zoho Notebook Online Service. Aggregated content are organized in Zoho Notebook (http://notebook.zoho.com).

Zoho Notebook Helper 1.0b9 New Beta!
How to: Install | Use

Zoho Notebook Helper 0.3.4

Installation of Zoho Notebook Helper

Step 1: Click here to Download, and then click 'Allow' to start installation.

Step 2: Click 'Install' to add Zoho Notebook Helper into you Add-ons list.

Step 3: Restart Firefox

Usage of Zoho Notebook Helper:

You will notice 'Zoho Notebook' Icon on right side of the status bar. You can login to Zoho Notebook by clicking on it.

Now you can start aggregating content from any website you wish. Select the text you want to clip and right click on it. You will notice 'Add to Zoho Notebook' menu in your context menu. Just click on it, your selection will be added to Zoho Notebook. If you are not logged in yet, you will be prompted for login.

You can also add Text using button.

Start organising your web clipings, using Zoho Notebook Helper extension.